Restore the freedom to live the American Dream

First and foremost it is about liberty. “My vision is to restore the freedom to live the American dream,” Pickerill explains, “and ’freedom’ must be more than just a buzzword.” Pickerill defines personal freedom as being able to exercise your human rights however you see fit as long as you aren’t preventing someone else from doing the same. He defines economic freedom and property rights in a very similar way.

To Pickerill, the biggest obstacle to economic growth is how productive members of our society are forced to pay for failed government welfare programs, both corporate welfare and social welfare. Most of those are federal programs, none of them are authorized by the U.S. Constitution, and all of them are making more and more people dependent on a government handout. And this indirectly fuels our community’s drug addiction problem. Pickerill urges social welfare be turned back over to our community’s institutions with a proven track record for helping people the best – our churches and charities.

About Me

John first became politically active after reading Ron Paul’s book, Revolution: A Manifesto.  Supporting Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign he worked as part of the effort to get Paul supporters elected as Republican national delegates, and was himself elected as a Republican state delegate in Indiana.  He then organized his county to get liberty-supporting precinct committeemen elected in the local Republican Party,
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Tenth Amendment

If elected I will introduce legislation affirming the Colorado General Assembly’s authority to judge the constitutionality of federal acts.  Under this legislation, if the General Assembly determines a federal act (such as Obamacare or a federal firearms restriction) was unconstitutional, it would declare the act null and void and unenforceable in Colorado.  This legislation would also affirm the General Assembly’s authority to control
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Repeal failed drug prohibition laws

Drug prohibition laws aren’t stopping people from getting drugs. They aren’t the solution. They’re part of the problem. They overcrowd our jails, overwhelm our county criminal justice systems, and bust county budgets.  Drug addiction is best overcome in a treatment facility, not a jail.
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