John first became politically active after reading Ron Paul’s book, Revolution: A Manifesto.  Supporting Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign he worked as part of the effort to get Paul supporters elected as Republican national delegates, and was himself elected as a Republican state delegate in Indiana.  He then organized his county to get liberty-supporting precinct committeemen elected in the local Republican Party, and in 2013 they elected John as chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party.  For three long years John continuously challenged Republican officeholders to actually follow the GOP platform, especially on fiscal responsibility, property rights, and free enterprise.

In May 2016, he resigned as chairman, observing that most in the Republican Party were openly hostile to their own platform and routinely practiced quid pro quo campaign finance methods.  He immediately joined the Libertarian Party and was nominated as their candidate for Indiana State Representative House District 41.  Later that year he was elected as the founding chairman of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County.  In 2017 his engineering career relocated him to Pueblo, Colorado.  And in 2018, the Libertarian Party of Colorado nominated him to be their candidate for State Senate District 3.

John holds a degree in physics from Purdue University.  He is a retired Navy nuclear submarine officer and an Iraq War veteran.  He, his wife, and children reside in Pueblo West.